Abortion denies life to over 10,000 babies each year in the Metro-St. Louis area. 1

Thankfully, Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers’ mission is to reveal truth about life in the womb and reveal the love of Jesus Christ to those in need. In 2015, 98% of our abortion-vulnerable clients chose LIFE for their unborn babies. 

Since it’s establishment in 1987, Mosaic PHC has reached over 15,000 clients through free and confidential services, education and medically accurate information. Men, women and teens have been given the tools to make healthy life decisions in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

Empowered in mission and with the support of the community, Mosaic PHC has grown over the past 30 years to an organization with two locations, a mobile medical unit, a multi-county abstinence education program (ReL8) and over 30 volunteers that serve over 12,000 hours a year.


1. https://www.hopeclinic.com/about-hope-clinic/information-for-media