Does Mosaic PHC perform or refer for abortions?

Mosaic PHC never performs or refers for abortion. Our mission is to reveal truth about life in the womb, educate women about fetal development, provide free and confidential services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and referrals and ultimately empower women to choose a life-affirming alternative to abortion.

How is Mosaic PHC funded?

Mosaic PHC receives no government funding. Our primary source of funding is provided through individual donors, partnerships within the local community with businesses and churches as well as fundraising events. 

How can I donate?

Mosaic PHC is able to receive donations through our online donation page. You may also consider Mosaic PHC by monthly-giving and estate planning, event giving, etc. For more ways to give, view our donate page. 

Is Mosaic PHC a faith-based organization?

Mosaic PHC is a Christ-centered organization that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reveals His love through our words and compassionate care.

How can Mosaic PHC help someone facing an unplanned pregnancy?

Mosaic PHC provides free and confidential services related to pregnancy and sexual health. 

What is ReL8?

ReL8 is an abstinence-centered education program that teaches in local middle and high schools in Madison and St. Clair counties. ReL8 teaches students about the importance of abstinence, consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage, healthy relationships, the benefits of marriage and more. ReL8 has served over 32,000 students since 2006 and continues to serve approximately 2,200 students per year with a 5-day program. 

How can I volunteer?

Many types of volunteers are needed for both the Granite City and Belleville offices. Please visit our Volunteer page to see which position may interest you. 

Do you currently have any job positions open?

All available job positions will be posted on the Employment page. 

What is C2 Mobile?

C2 Mobile is a mobile medical unit that provides free and confidential peer-counseling, pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.