Catalog of Services

 $73.38 will help one women receive pregnancy verification, fetal development education, medically accurate information regarding risks of abortion and a  Gospel/spiritual discussion.  

 $64.03 will help one person receive an STI screening, medically accurate information, a Gospel/spiritual discussion and free treatment with a positive test from trained RNs.

 $176.30 will help one woman receive a life-saving ultrasound, determination of viability, gestation period and heartbeat by trained RNs and Sonographers.

 $316.27 will help one woman go through First Steps program, with researched based curriculum and taught by trained RNs. All graduates receive free new baby items valued at $250.00

 $251.00 helps C2 Mobile offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and Gospel/spiritual discussions at 4 different locations in the Metro East.


 $469.50 helps one class hear the creative, credible and consistent abstinence message taught by ReL8.  Students hear the truth that abstinence is the only 100% effective way to avoid the possible consequences of sex outside of marriage.