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5 Questions to Ask When Determining the Legitimacy of Pro-life Groups

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

Abortions are on the rise in the U.S., and regretfully, so are many organizations that are pro-life in name only. What looks good on the outside is often proving to be inwardly deceptive. So, how can we discern the difference? Here are five questions to ask any pro-life organization before considering giving them your financial support.

  1. Do Biblical standards guide them?

One crucial aspect to consider is whether the organization upholds biblical values, the cornerstone of trust and reliability. Before extending your support, reviewing the organization’s mission statement and core values is important, as it can help you discern if they align with Biblical values. The mere presence of words like “pro-life,” “church,” or “pregnancy center” doesn’t mean they won’t offer abortion or other unbiblical services, as does the First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Genuine life-affirming organizations, however, will not provide services contrary to Godly standards - standards designed for our ultimate good.

Another example includes Claris Health in California and its stance on abortion referrals, claiming, “To be clear, Claris does not perform abortions or advocate for or against abortions.” Additionally, some centers like Oklahoma’s Eden Clinic’s position on birth control for unmarried women compromise the message of Biblical sexual ethics. Their stance has caused churches, like Trinity Baptist Church, to withdraw financial support, citing their “new direction” as “neither consistent with Scripture nor [its] founding documents.” We commend Pastors like Trinity’s Ronnie W. Rogers, who took a stand when Eden Clinic deviated from God’s Word by distributing birth control to minors.

  1. Are they a financially accountable 501 (c)(3)?

An approved 501(c)(3) organization must disclose its audits or 990s to the public. These are necessary for the organization to be held financially accountable.

  1. Does licensed staff oversee their medical services?

For organizations providing medical services, it is essential to employ licensed medical staff and a Medical Director—usually a physician. The medical director provides critical oversight of all medical services, adding credibility. Check the credentials of the Medical Director and the medical staff. A photo of someone in a lab coat/nursing scrubs and stethoscope can sometimes be misleading as those can be used just as props.

  1. Do their statistics or stories seem inflated, unrealistic, or untimely?

Everyone loves hearing statistics and stories of lives changed and saved; real-life stories show your donation makes a difference. However, sometimes stories can be exaggerated, lifted from other sources, or downright lies. Test any story by looking for the statistical/story's timeline (Is it plausible within the timeframe?) or even doing an internet search of the text to see if it has been published elsewhere. Changing identifying factors, such as name, age, etc., is acceptable for protecting the subject's identity. And remember, any form of deception is a lie.

  1. Do they have a reliable reputation in your community?

An honest, reliable reputation is vital for the success of any organization—for both supporters and the people being served. Check Google reviews or view testimonies to hear the perspective of patients. Ask your trusted friends and family if they give to the organization and why. You may also check how the organization presents itself online - do they defame others, use inflammatory language, or behave unprofessionally? These red flags can warn you of potential risks to the impact of your donation.

Overall, most life-affirming organizations are run by those who have a calling to meet the needs of others and save the lives of the unborn. At Mosaic Health, we strive to do just that by serving with excellence. We will never waver in our integrity, transparency, and alignment with God’s Word - the source of all truth and life.