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Ferguson, Planned Parenthood & #BlackLivesMatter

Ferguson and the surrounding St. Louis areas have been an incredible place of unrest following the Grand Jury’s decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson.

During the protests many have seen the slogan “Black Lives Matter” displayed on posters, in hash tags and even t-shirts.

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 Do black lives matter? Obviously!

 Yet, ironically, Planned Parenthood fails to see the hypocrisy of tweeting "#BlackLivesMatter" when they have, through abortion, contributed to:


Yes, black lives matter … but not just when it's convenient for a tweet. They matter now, always and at every stage of life. Through education, ultrasounds and the love of Jesus, our hope at Mosaic PHC is to change and save all lives, including black lives, to truly make a difference in our communities. 

Brittany's Life Still Has Value

(Photo: Compassion Choices YouTube)

The story of Brittany Maynard is powerful, incredibly heartbreaking and has brought the topics of the value of life and assisted suicide to the forefront of American discussion.

Brittany is a beautiful, young newlywed, who, at just 29 years old, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Doctors told her she had 6 months to live.

By using medication, she will choose to end her life on November 1st.

Her story is a reminder that the “sanctity of human life”, a term we normally connect with the unborn child and the issue of abortion, rings true in all stages of life – even at age 29.

With all of the emotions surrounding Brittany’s story, one thing remains clear: Brittany’s life still has value. Her life is no less important because of her terminal illness. Her time on Earth, the time that God had given her, is no less precious.

We pray Brittany does not end her own life, but instead comes to trust God and his plans for her. We pray she finds hope, so that she may be filled with peace. We pray she comes to know just how much her Heavenly Father loves her. Most importantly, we pray that she comes to know Jesus, so that on the day she succumbs to her illness, she will live again.


Fully healed by The Great Physician.