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Federal Court Grants Injunction for Mosaic PHC

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On Wednesday, a federal court issued an injunction for Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers (PHC) and the center's Medical Director halting enforcement of an Illinois law requiring pregnancy centers and medical professionals to promote abortion services despite their ethical or moral beliefs. 

In 2016, Mosaic PHC, Dr. Tina Gingrich of Maryville Women's Center, the National Institute of Family and Life and two additional pregnancy centers filed suit against Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, after he signed a bill forcing them to promote abortion services regardless of their views. 

“The government is out of line when it attempts to force Americans to communicate a message that is contrary to their most deeply held beliefs,” said ADF Legal Counsel Elissa Graves. “In addition, the state shouldn’t be robbing women of the freedom to choose a pro-life doctor by mandating that pro-life physicians and entities make or arrange abortion referrals. The court was right to halt enforcement of this law while our lawsuit proceeds.”

“The government has no business forcing pro-life doctors and pregnancy care centers in Illinois to operate as referral agents for the abortion industry,” said ADF-allied attorney and co-counsel Noel Sterett with Mauck & Baker LLC. “A law that targets medical professionals because of their pro-life views and right of conscience is unconstitutional and unethical.”

“This decision correctly interprets the Constitution to prohibit compelled speech mandating faith-based ministries to speak a message with which they are fundamentally opposed,” added National Institute of Family and Life Advocates President Thomas A. Glessner. “We applaud this ruling that stops the state of Illinois from forcing pro-life pregnancy medical clinics to become abortion referral agencies.”

Mosaic PHC applauds this ruling as well, however your prayers are still vitally important! This injunction is a temporary reprieve while we wait for our case to be heard before a federal Judge. Please continue to pray that the final ruling will ultimately be in our favor. 

Injunction Granted in Abortion Referral State Case

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On December 20, the Judge issued an injunction blocking the abortion information and referral law for pregnancy centers and a private Ob/Gyn practice in the Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford v. Rauner case! Matt Bowman at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), legal counsel for the plaintiffs and for Mosaic in our case, appeared before the court in the hearing on December 7 to ask the court to issue its order. 

This is an excellent development to protect the free speech of conscientious medical professionals and practices in Illinois. If the law had not been blocked, the attorney for Gov. Rauner and the professional regulation board admitted in court that they could punish a non-compliant medical professional with fines up to $10,000 and lose their medical license. They also argued that the standard of care itself requires the promotion of abortion and providing abortion doctor information, which is a radical threat to the conscientious practice of medicine.

We ask that you continue to pray over that this injunction, which is temporary, will be made permanent and will protect all conscientious medical professionals and facilities in Illinois as these cases move forward in various courts. Thank you!