• For victory in our lawsuit against the State of IL that would force us to refer for abortions 
  • For more abortion-determined women to find Mosaic PHC first
  • For more volunteers to serve as client advocates
  • For the closing of the local abortion clinic
  • For victory over libel and slander attacks directed at Mosaic PHC from a local organization
  • For our new locations for C2 Mobile in East St. Louis & Wood River
  • That the upcoming Annual Fundraising Banquet would be a success and provide the finances we need. 
  • For our upcoming Vision Planning Meeting as we plan for the next 3 years. 
  • For a successful Volunteer Training Seminar in April


  • For a recent grant from the Vitae Foundation to assist us with our search ad marketing in order for clients to find us through their online activity.
  • That an injunction was granted in our lawsuit regarding Senate Bill 1564 that would force us to refer for abortion