• For victory in our lawsuit against the State of IL that would force us to refer for abortions 
  • For more abortion-determined women to find Mosaic PHC first
  • For more volunteers to serve as client advocates
  • For the closing of the local abortion clinic
  • For victory over libel and slander attacks directed at Mosaic PHC from a local organization
  • For a successful Volunteer Training Seminar in September


  • That so many faithful partners helped us become debt free by helping to pay off our mortgage in Granite City!
  • That an injunction was granted in our lawsuit regarding Senate Bill 1564 that would force us to refer for abortion

Prayer Champions

Become a prayer champion and pray for our most important requests.

Yes, I believe that prayer is a vital part of any Christ-centered ministry. I will consistently pray for Mosaic PHC and the staff/volunteers assigned to me. I can be contacted for prayer as needs arise. 

Prayer Champion Commitment



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