The ReL8 program exists to influence youth as they pursue a lifestyle of saving sex for marriage. Since it's inception in 2006, ReL8 has served over 35,000 students and continually serves over 2,200 students per year in Madison and St. Clair counties.  

Through a 5-day program, ReL8 equips youth with information and relationship skills they need to make educated, factual and positive choices for their lives – especially in the area of sexual health. The truth is powerful – abstinence is the only 100% effective way to avoid the risks of sex outside of marriage. 

ReL8's Core Values

ReL8 is an outreach program of Mosaic PHC. For 10 years, ReL8 has received support from teachers, principles and school boards from all walks of life, faiths and lifestyles because of the creativity, credibility and consistency of our program. ReL8 continually earns high evaluations from our teachers and consistent praise from our students. We strive to serve our students and community with our core values - a set of unchanging beliefs or principles that guide and govern the decisions of ReL8:

• Uncompromising Integrity - living right at any cost 
• Undeniable Relevance - being who we are in today’s world
• Unwavering Excellence - nothing less than our best