Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers is a Christ-centered, life-affirming medical center offering free and confidential services related to pregnancy and sexual health. All medical services are performed by licensed medical professionals and trained volunteers and overseen by Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers’ Medical Director, Dr. Tina Gingrich. For more information visit

For Women 

• Pregnancy testing and verification
• Limited ultrasounds
• Client Advocate/Nurse Consultations
• STI testing and treatment 

Programs and Education 

• First Steps: Childbirth & Parenting classes 
• Material assistance
Abortion Recovery Program
• Medically accurate information regarding abortion and abortion alternatives

For Men 

• STI testing and treatment 
• Male mentoring
• Parenting classes
• Nurse Consultations

Pregnancy Prevention 

• ReL8 Abstinence Education Program
• Abstinence presentations to youth groups
• Client advocacy sessions on sexuality