Why ReL8?

According to r
esearch released in January 2014, the Family Research Council found that women who abstain from sex until the age of 20 and get pregnant are far less likely to ever have an abortion than those who are sexually active and get pregnant earlier in their teens. 

Mosaic PHC's Abstinence Education Program, ReL8, has served over 33,000 students since 2006 with the truth about sex outside of marriage. Why? Abstinence preserves the physical, emotional, mental and social health of today's youth and consequently, saves lives. 

What parents are saying about ReL8:

 “Please do not stop the program.  We definitely need it.  I believe more time should be spent on the subject and it should be repeated every year.”

 “The book made the kids think and made decisions without preaching to them. It taught them the consequences of their actions.” 

“(ReL8) gives the kids the freedom to speak openly about things they might not usually feel comfortable talking about.”