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Mosaic PHC is Now Mosaic Health

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Over the years, we have noticed a shift in how women respond to the names of pregnancy centers. According to Charlotte Lozier Institute's Market Research, both men and women were attracted to professional-sounding names vs. names that were overtly pro-life. Additionally, experts from another pro-life organization, Save the Storks, have suggested that even having the word “pregnancy” in the center’s name may be off-putting to women considering abortion because they do not wish to be pregnant. Finally, Choose Life Marketing, a pro-life marketing firm, shares that abortion advocates often falsely accuse pregnancy centers of being deceptive and tell women to be on the lookout for “crisis pregnancy centers,” “pregnancy resource centers,” and “pregnancy options.”
As we do not want to be seen as a deterrent, and as we always seek to remain relevant and forward-thinking in how we serve our community, we believe that our name change would signal to our community that we, as the name “Mosaic” suggests, encompass many different aspects of health while providing them the same kindness, clarity, and hope that we are known for. This also allows us to expand our reach to even more women with additional medical services in the future. 
We will continue to serve men and women with the same uncompromising, life-affirming Core Values that we always have – Treasuring life in all circumstances, Representing Christ, Upholding Integrity, Transforming People, and Having Faith. 
Please note the change on your credit card statements, emails you may receive from us, and letters in the mail. Thank you!